Info about APSI

AmicaSSa Process Solutions, Inc. (APSI), a subsidiary of Avida Land Corporation, an Ayala Land company. It services the sales support functions (reservations processing, booking and post-booking requirements, credit and collection and documentation monitoring and release) of the Ayala Land’s residential business group namely - Ayala Land Premier, Alveo and Avida.


  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Customer service starts with the employee. At AmicaSSa, we work passionately to provide quality and personalized service that exceeds customer expectations; exhibit the ability to focus on efforts to meet the needs of the internal and external customer, and develop mutually beneficial business relationships with customers.
  • QUALITY – Continuous improvement in service. Systematically seeking opportunities to improve present systems and procedures. Harnessing these opportunities to improve the group’s efficiency and effectiveness.
  • INTEGRITY – Faithful adherence to the highest ethical standards in word and deed in all dealings within and outside the company. Being fully worthy of the trust placed in each employee by Clients and AmicaSSa management. Never the source of confidential or classified information leaks or rumors prejudicial to the company, customers, or any of its personnel; respectful of company policies and procedures in doing the job.
  • COMMITMENT – Actively responsive to inquiries, problems, complaints and concerns with a sense of urgency. Taking the initiative to follow the process through to its desired, intended outcome, even after the individual task has been completed. Not being content with merely finishing personal assignments. Actively ensuring that the process is carried through to the end.
  • TEAMWORK – Sustaining the collective drive to achieve company vision and mission and uphold its values; ability to work cooperatively with others to accomplish organizational goals, to identify and resolve problems, and to place overall team needs ahead of personal needs; consciously building every relationship towards trust and respect.